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Once the initial shock of being engaged slightly mitigated (and I took a minute to peel my eyes away from the sparkly ring on my finger), I started to think about all the decisions I have to make.

As a wedding planner I know perfectly well which are the most important things and what I have to do first: focus on a date (or, at least, a range of dates that would be ok), pick a location, imagine the style for the wedding…. but girls, if I have to be honest…. my first tought was the DRESS!!!!!(you know, shopping for wedding dress is one in a lifetime experience after all :))

So, here we are… the moment I’ve dreamt about since the first second I got THE ring on my finger is finally arrived!!!!

If I have to be honest, the pressure to find the perfect WEDDING DRESS was too real…ultimately, it’s THE DRESS of all dresses, the one that everyone will remember and that would live forever in pictures and albums!

It was for sure one of the best moment yet, but, at the same time, quite stressful.
Going to an atelier is like preparing for the first date… “operation styling” begins: hair, make-up, wax, a proper (matching) lingerie and so on! And then, after three minutes, when you start get dressed, when you see your mum crying… you’re sweating like you’re under examination!!!!

Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions… as a wedding planner, everyone is likely expecting a proper limited edition – extravagant piece that would allow no space for anyone but me, but, in the end, my dress decision was actually focused on my personal style and on what flatters me the most!

I think that when you feel sexy and glamourous, when you are so happy while wearing it and a tear rolls down on your face.. well, you’ve found THE ONE!!!!

And, what about THE shoes?!

The reason why women own so many types of shoes is that shoes complete the outfit. And for women, there are not one type of universal shoe for every occasion.

There are shoes for work. Shoes for exercise. Shoes for shopping. Shoes for casual events. And shoes for formal events. And of course, there are often multiple pairs to match different outfits.

Or more likely – she was out shopping. Saw a pair that she must have. That would totally go with that outfit. And then go home and become part of her shoe collection.

However, choosing wedding shoes is not like picking out any other pair of shoes.

First, test with the dress. Many dresses have a long train and can be a little hard to walk in, and you won’t want to fall down during the wedding.

Second, the heels vs flats debate. Amazing designer heels – that will probably kill your feet – or comfy shoes?

Third ,the choice of the color. When you start looking – you will discover there is more to white than white. For example, your guy might look at a pair and say “yeah those are white, ” but they are champagne color evening shoes.

You might want to go with something cute. Or you might have a wild side, or use your shoes to show off your creative side.

Yes, picking the right pair of shoes can be crucial.

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