Becoming a Bridezilla

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Yes, dear brides, it seems that my turn has arrived!!!! This year I’m gettig married and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!

It all started one morning, when my boyfried decided to surprise me with an unexpected weekend getaway. And guess what?! He took me to Venice, the most romantic city in the world, in a beautiful suite facing the Grand Canal… oh, it was just a dream!!!! He put some music on and after a while…. he got down on his knee and he proposed! I was so excited (yes, I cried a lot) and now we are ENGAGED!!!!!

From the very moment he put the ring on my finger I started picturing my wedding and I became the biggest wedding planner nightmare: a BRIDEZILLA!! 😉

Let’s be honest, the stress of wedding planning could turn even the most calm and grounded of people into a-not-so-lovely version of themselves…. you’re planning the BIGGEST DAY of your life!!!

So here it goes. I am already  neck-deep in planning my wedding right now and there’s no denying it — it has become an obsession. I mean, there’s so much to do.

As a wedding planner I know how it works, so, I decided to share with you my wedding diary, my thoughts … if you are a cray-cray bride-to-be like me, you’ll relate to these truths.

You can follow me step by step during my transformation… eventually you’ll find some useful tips and suggestions… Every bride-to-be has an inner Bridezilla waiting to be unleashed – so, don’t panic, you’re not alone!

 Yes, everthing was sooo magical!

Let’s the wedding planning begins! … and stay tuned!!!

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