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One of the most important thing about a wedding (beyond the dress, of course!), is finding the perfect wedding venue.

Actually, it wasn’t a big deal for me! There weren’t any other options in my mind but my amazing Tuscany!!! I think you have already realized how much I love it! <3

I’ll never get tired of  the sunsets, the colors, the feelings that surround you.. it’s the MAGIC of Tuscan countryside!
With breathtaking scenery and beautiful gardens, a swimmingpool surrounded by rolling hills, it is just perfect for my big day!
Ah… don’t forget the food… it needs to be tasted to be believed!

But, as a wedding planner, with dozens of venues to choose from, I know perfectly well that finding the right one can be seriously tricky 🙂 , so I decided to put together some tried-and-tested tips to help you!!!
1) Set a budget – I know it’s boring, but it has to be done 🙂
2) Try to define where you want to get married – keen do to a destination wedding? How far your guests will be willing to travel?
3) Think about how many people you’d like to invite – the space may look enormous when it’s empty and, on the other side, it has to ensure that everyone has enough space to dine and dance
4) Choose the style: whether it’s rustic, formal, boho, it will be a big influence in determining the perfect location – you don’t want to see a boho teepee in a Medieval Castle’s garden, right?
5) Consider what time of the year you’re getting married and ask about the weather – I’d really love it, but Italy isn’t always sunny 🙁
6) Create a list of wedding locations, but if you don’t want to get confused, try to narrow it down to at least 2 or 3!!!!

Enjoy the research dears or better..ask a pro to do that for you! ;-p

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