Becoming a Bridezilla: THE wedding style

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Picking a wedding style isn’t exactly as easy as choosing your two favourite colors or your favourite flowers…it’s something that describes a wedding’s look and feel. Modern, elegant, vintage, rustic… when you hear those words, you think of a certain aesthetic, right?

You’ve just started planning your wedding and you are clueless – maybe you just have colors and a vague idea in your head (and you don’t know how to explain it to your planner) – and you started pinning like crazy. Remember when no one knew what Pinterest was? And when there was no such thing as a “ Pinterest Wedding”?

Because when it comes to weddings, Pinterest can be both a blessing and curse.

How many hours are you spending pouring over all these beautiful pictures?
Let’s be honest… Pinterest is putting so much pressure on you to invent your wedding style.
Everywhere you look there are gorgeous ways to look “UNIQUE” and ” AMAZING” and “FABULOUS” on your wedding day.
Pinterest could paralyze you from making any decisions.
Before getting totally crazy… STOP PINNING! At least just for a few minutes.

Take a look on what you have pinned and see if there is any similarity among the (hundreds of) pins 🙂
Then, here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you decide your wedding style:
What do you love? What kind of “vibe” do you want your wedding to have? Which adjectives describe your dream wedding? What’s your favourite color palette? (bright and bold, earth tones, soft pastels) Which kind of venue did you choose? Is there anything in particular that you “have to have” at your wedding?

Now with all this said, let me be clear- I LOVE Pinterest, and I still think it’s amazing for finding wedding inspiration and ideas.

However, you shouldn’t be designing your whole entire wedding style and details from what you saw on Pinterest. Use it to get ideas, see what other people are doing, what you like, what you hate, and learn what your style is. All of those things are essential parts of designing your wedding. But at some point, it’s imperative that you step back from Pinterest and all of the inspiration, and figure out what will be right for YOUR wedding.

If – even after all these activities – you’re still totally clueless about your wedding style… well.. enlist the help of a professional!!!!! 🙂

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