Wilco & Gabi – Italian dream!

//Wilco & Gabi – Italian dream!
Wilco & Gabi – Italian dream! 2017-09-29T15:00:34+00:00

Project Description

A touch of blue for an amazing, fun and lovely couple! A stylish and elegant Tuscan wedding surrounded by the hills!


We were on a tour through Tuscany to find our perfect wedding venue looking for weddings in Italy. We had contact with Alessandra the morning of the site visit, what time we would arrive and if we could not find it, please give her a call. Very professional and well organized. This feeling was confirmed once we arrived.

We found Alessandra and the beautiful location via our Dutch Weddingplanner Inge Peters from Trouwen Italie.

Alessandra was very well prepared. Had answers to all our questions, pictures from other weddings at the location. She showed us around and we had the feeling she took all the time for us. We had a very good feeling when we left the location 1,5 hour later. She gave us a tip to stop by San Galgano, even though we did not want an official ceremony. We saw the venue and where in love straight away. San Galgano really gives the wow factor to your wedding! Thanks for the tip Alessandra!

Since we had a Dutch Weddingplanner and found a location including Weddingplanner Alessandra, we suddenly had two weddingplanners! We discussed this and found an arrangement which would work for all parties. Inge would arrange everything beforehand with Alessandra and her suppliers, Alessandra would take over shortly before the wedding weekend and arrange everything for us on site during the weekend.

A few weeks before the wedding we had more and more contact with Alessandra. She is very professional, replies to every question you have. Answers your email or texted messages very quickly. Even when she is very busy she will let you know, I got your message will get back to you as soon as possible. When you work with Alessandra, you really get the feeling she knows what you are talking about and you can let it go. Perfect is you are the bride and want to enjoy every moment 🙂

I have worked in the event organizing business myself, so I know what it is to arrange a large event. Which means it is difficult to not stay on top of it and leave it up to the weddingplanner. With Alessandra this was not a problem. She let me check several thing and answered all questions so I was reinsured all was fine. During the weekend I was very relaxed and Alessandra arranged all behind the scenes. Not once I had the feeling to check something or to be sure something was arranged, I just enjoyed.

Another person worth mentioning is, Sarah. What an amazing girl this is!

Sarah, really you are great! We did not speak much, but the times we did I had so much fun with you. You are also very professional and you know what you are talking about. Informing people on time, reassuring people and your designs, wow! Sarah has designed our keyhangers, our menu and our day planning card for the guests. This was really great and I can recommend it to every one who s working with the great ladies. It really personalizes your wedding and Sarah easily understands what you like.

To come to a conclusion. We had a great time, Poggio Bianco is a great venue, completely private and beautiful. A typical Tosan venue to be with your guests only, in the middle of nature. Alessandra and Sarah are the best and really professional, they will do whatever they can to make sure you will enjoy every moment of your weddings in Italy!

Alessandra and Sarah again a big thank you! We had a weekend to never forget.


Thanks to:

Wedding Planner in Italy: Chechic!Weddings
Wedding Planner in Holland: Inge Peters

Location: Borghetto Poggio Bianco
Music: Pink Panther Dj
Ph: Odizia Fotografie
Flowers: Iaia Florevents
Graphic Design: Ricetta Digitale