Becoming a Bridezilla: THE final fitting

/Becoming a Bridezilla: THE final fitting

Choosing the right wedding dress is the most important decision for the big day. The pressure is to find a dream gown that fits with the venue and wedding theme and , of course, that fits me (and my personality) perfectly! After all, it should reflect who you are, right? Buying a wedding dress is just the beginning… After finding “the one,” you’ll be handing your gorgeous gown over to a skilled seamstress, who will make sure it’s perfectly fitted, super comfortable, and wedding-ready. But your work isn’t done.

First  fitting, second fitting, thirds fitting…. and finally the final one! What is it for??? Getting you ready for the day you finally get to wear the dress!

Last week I went to London and Here’s everything you need to know about the final fitting.

During this appointment, pay special attention to handling the dress — after today, you won’t have a bridal gown professional dealing with it – and maybe this is come as a relief for my seamstress, but this is another story.

Ask the seamstress or consultant the best way to put on, take off, bustle and go to the bathroom in the dress. Don’t forget to learn the best way to tame wrinkles, too! You need to look at yourself from every angle in the mirror at the final fitting. This is the time to bring your snotty friend or hyper-critical mother along — it’s your last chance to make sure you look absolutely unbelievable in your wedding gown. If it fits properly, you will be the most beautiful bride in the world. You will never have a dress that you love more than your wedding gown. Trust me, I know.

So, you have to be sure that  your dress fits you like a glove and that to make sure you not only look great at your wedding, but can also walk, sit, breathe and dance the night away. Dance like no one is watching.

Seriously. This is the best tip you’ll ever hear.  Bust a move at the fitting to make sure everything feels good and secure, so you can be comfortable all night long at your wedding.

Practice dancing in your wedding clothes. Whether on the floor of the bridal shop, at your fitting with your seamstress, or in the dance studio with the choreographer, make sure you can bust a move without busting out of your dress! Literally, dance. Put your arms up, twist, jump twirl around. If there is anything that needs correcting, either with the fit of the dress or modifying dance moves, now is the time!

One false move and you could be holding up your dress with safety pins or needing to cut the train off with a pair of scissors!


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