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Spring is in the air, which means I’ll be hitting the dance floor at my wedding very very soon!!! And what about the dancing? I want people to talk forever about how much fun they had dancing at my  wedding and how great my first dance with my husband was!!! Wouldn’t that make it special?! I say Yes!

Now, that we agreed on that, let’s talk about how and where to start.

Over the years I’ve seen many a first dance, with songs ranging from Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” to Ryan Adams’s “When the Stars Go Blue.” Whether you go with a classic or something that’s a little more personal, the first dance is an iconic moment during the reception.

There are over 1000 suggestions for the first twirl you’ll take as a married couple, but there are other things to consider when picking your first-dance song. Here are some tips  you should consider  when choosing your first dance song.

  1. Dance to It

Sounds simple, but it’s easy to choose your song and assume it’s perfect because you love it, but your song does have to be the right rhythm. Is it too fast? Is it too slow? You’ll find out if it feels right to dance to by taking a practice run first. Find a song that has a strong beat.

When you hear a certain song, particular one with an obvious beat, you would naturally want to tap your foot, nod your head or even shake your hips! And while you are tapping the beat, you can find out the tempo of a song. The perfect song should not be too fast or too slow. It is actually harder to move slow than fast. Imagine running on a track versus running through mud.

  1. Decide What Vibe You Want

In this day and age, no one expects a walzer at every wedding, and doing a simple, easy sway in each other’s arms is totally fine. That being said, you want your song to go with however you’ll be dancing, so for example, a Frank Sinatra tune may not feel right with the simple sway.

Romantic? Elegant? Fun? Traditional? Contemporary? Upbeat? Slow and smooth? Depending on the style you like, you can choose a song that carries the same feel.

  1. Don’t Give Up on It If It Fails a Test

You don’t have to let go of your first choice if it doesn’t pass one of these tests immediately. Is the song too fast? Look for another version of the song, like another artist’s cover, or the same artist’s different arrangement, or acoustic version. Is the song too long? Your DJ can shorten it by fading it out when you want it.

Now, getting your dancing skills up is definitely the first order of business. You’d hate to look lost on the dance floor. You may want to consider taking dance lessons for the big day….

Yes!!!! Go for professional dance lessons! And Make it special–it’s worth the investment! You don’t want your guest to be bored, right?!

And, as a real Bridezilla… Tell your parents and closest friends to take dance lessons with you! I’m  getting married, but they should be prepared to look good too!. 😉

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