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Ok, it might sound a little bit narcissistic… but I’ve always wanted a BRILLIANT wedding photographer! Someone who can take beautiful and emotional shots, someone that would make me look (extremely) good even when mascara is halfway down on my face after saying “I do”!
So, you can imagine that is not easy finding the perfect photographer for your special day, so before you begin researching one like a crazy bridezilla ( 😉 ) , there are some things you have to think about:

Images can look soft & pastel, dramatic or look like they were shot on old film.
You prefer posed photos with people staring at the camera or spontaneous pictures, capturing the moments exactly as they happened? And what about the details you have slaved over for months?

An important thing is to make sure you share specific details with your photographer if you want them captured.

Photographers are only human, and as much as they wish, they can’t read your mind. Your photographer may not know that that the handkerchief in your groom’s pocket was hand made from his mother’s wedding gown, or that your soon-to-be in-laws spent countless hours sewing decorations for you. There are many photographers who would probably photograph those details naturally as part of documenting your day, but I still highly recommend not assuming that they know everything you want captured. Let your photographer know about the details of your wedding!

Once you’ve found the style, talked through your expectations with him/her, you have to meet with the photographers, to see if you get along well with them (they will be spending a lot of time with you!!!). To understand if you like and trust them, an ENGAGMENT SESSION could be a great idea to spend some time with them before the wedding! Let your photographer get to know you. It’s the only way they can effectively tell your story!

I think it’s really important to like and to bond with your photographer, and my advice is to go for the one that puts you at ease… because, the more comfortable you are, the better the photos will turn out!!!
Still in doubt?! Remind you can also hire a drone!!!!

Photo: Viola & Leti

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