Project Description

Beach weddings are extremely popular, as they are the most romantic and relaxing… Wear a gorgeous flowy wedding dress, kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, and enjoy a beautiful sunset with your loved one!

Yes, there’s nothing like the feeling of the warm sun on your face, the soft breeze blowing through your hair, and the waves crooning in your ears as they gently make their way to shore.
And this beach elopement is everything you dream of when you picture an intimate wedding!
Inspired by their love, this couple chose to elope on a romantic beachside, a magic corner near Barcelona, completely surrounded by nature with a wild beach: a dreamy, idyllic place where the sea and natural landscape became the best backdrop.

It could not be otherwise: their love was born right there. The first date, the first confidences, the first kiss.



As often occurs, their first meeting happens, by chance.

They are both in Barcelona, ​​he ‘s on a business trip, she’s on vacation: Raul, after a busy day, indulges in beer and tapas in a typical restaurant, for Alexandra, is the last night before returning home and she goes out for a last toast with her friends.

When she arrives, he is leaving. He sees her enter and he’s enchanted by this angelic face and smile. For the first time, Raul remains speechless. The rest … it’s history.

To celebrate their love story, they chose to keep this moment all for themselves and share it only with their closest friends, their witnesses.


As an eternal symbol of their promise, they have chosen to have handcrafted rings, to feel unique and irreplaceable. They placed them in two bowls, one in terracotta and one in scorched earth, different in appearance but identical in shape and material. Exactly like them, apparently very different but identical in essence.


The celebrant has joined the hands of the spouses with ribbons to symbolize their union, both physically and spiritually. Each knot made represents all the wishes and support of those who love them , to make this bond  strong and lasting. Desires, dreams and hopes are tied together.


As in the Scottish tradition, Raul and Alexandra gave their vows holding a stone in their hands to remain “set in the rock”. This stone will be preserved and then placed in the foundations of their new home, which will thus be symbolically based on their promises.


Focusing on all things wild and free, just the way they are, R+A elopement in Spain is a tropical bohemian dream! The atmosphere was inspired by that colorful and happy spanish atmosphere, incorporating beautiful pink proteas, tons of dried and fresh florals, along with colorful velvet pouf and pillows, the two sweethearts said their vows and proceeded to have an intimate dinner right there on the sand.
Protea love is still going strong around here, and all the others tropical flowers created a color palette that is cheerful and unexpected.
The whole scene gives us all the luxurious bohemian vibes as it is decorated with a floral picnic set and lanterns, many beautiful details such as the florals and tropical leaves complete the look gorgeously… and we’re loving how the stunning boho gown feels like a match made in heaven for the entire wedding theme!

Thanks to:

Ph: Rossella Putino 

Wedding Planning & Styling: Chechic!Weddings

Graphic Design: Bee In Love

Celebrant: Cerimonie Laiche

Dresses: Colada Barcelona

Fornitures: Ah Rental

Jewelry: Machia Creazioni

Muah: El Tocador Portatil