Project Description

Is it an editorial? Nope! It’s just D+A incredible edgy wedding. Seriously, how awesome is this? They have truly incorporated all aspects of their personality and style into this glorious day. We need a moment to appreciate so many details; Anna’s intricate up-do, to the incredible chandeliers enclosed within birdcages, to the floral installations, we are simply spoilt for choice! Anna ensured her big party energy worked perfectly against her romantic side, giving us this gorgeous synergy of boho rock chic. Oh, and Anna’s hairstyle? Wow, wow, wow! Now that deserves an article all on its own. This is definitely one of those weddings that deserves all your attention…


After postponing our wedding several times, we were desperately in need of a day like this one! Everyone was so looking forward to it they literally exploded! People were dancing on tables during dinner and music was definitely the centre of our day – it made all the difference!


We wanted to celebrate life! After one year and a few months closed at home due to Covid, we were in need of some fun, and to spend quality time with our friends and family! I am not a typical bride, I have tattoos and a big party soul! But I do also have a romantic side that I wanted to be present on the day, you could see this in my dress and the ceremony. However, the reception was rock! Dark grey and full of loud music!


Choose your wedding planner wisely – they need to perfectly understand who you are and what you really want your day to be about. I thought we might need to be more conventional, but Alessandra from Chechic Weddings made me understand that being ourselves was the best thing we could do – and she was absolutely right! She guided and suggested the best suppliers. Choosing them was the easiest part of the planning process!

Is this the most incredible church you have ever seen? Most probably! We are completely in awe.

Thanks to:

Ph: Silvia Poropat

Wedding Planning & Styling: Chechic!Weddings

Flowers: Elena Fiori

Graphics: Bee In Love

Rentals: Integrarent

Lights & Music: Situ eventi

Hair and Make up: Ivan Tagliani