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We live in a digital age, people, so, no surprise that one of the fastest growing trends in wedding planning today is websites. Some people find them a little bit narcisist, while others find them to be a helpful guide during modern digital times. Sure, tossing 600 photos of yourself on your wedding website with an accompanying story about how you met is a little extreme (and totally unhelpful), building a simple site to share important event details and anecdotes from your relationship is not.

In the end, I decided that our website would be THE go-to place for information about our wedding, and so far it has made my life a lot easier and wasn’t long after I said ‘YES!’ that we started planning our wedding website. Because our love is a geeky splendid thing.

During my  research I’ve come across many things that make a wedding website spectacular. Whether you’re a beginner or an internet ninja,whether the website is for your story, directions, RSVPs or all three, in all scenarios you will need to find a great website. It will be one of the first impressions that your guests have of your wedding, so it’s important to get it right.

The primary purpose of the wedding website is to give guests a central hub where they may find information about your big day. Queries about the location, dress code, registry, travel plans, even your social media hashtag can all be found on the average wedding website, and some also allow guests to share their well-wishes for the happy couple.

Still in doubt? Keep reading for more reasons you should create a wedding website.

  1. Change of plans? No problem. Last minute location change? In-case-of-rain info? Hotel updates? While major changes to the big event can make for one hectic bride, making the change on your site takes five minutes of your time.
  2. It’s easy to stay in contact with your guests.Many wedding site templates offer guest book and RSVP sections. Ask guests to sign the book or enter their email addresses to be notified of site updates or changes. Then happily send one email instead of making 150 calls.
  3. You don’t have time to deal with 150 calls from 150 guests trying to figure out directions.The last thing you, your parents, or your Maid of Honor has time to deal with is an endlessly ringing cell phone from friends and relatives asking to clarify the location one more time.
  4. You can make it personal. Many suppliers let you personalise the page with your wedding colour scheme, add photos and even add a forum for your guests to chat on, making the page a nice taster for your big day. You can start building excitement early on.

Yes, a wedding website makes your life easier.

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