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All our passion and skills to make you experience the greatest “wedding Journey”

Alessandra Marchetti

Alessandra Marchetti

Founder & Owner

Fluent in English

Stylist and Designer

Problem Solver

Management skills

Energetic Leadership

Creative attitude

10 years of experience

Graduated in 2006 in Public Relations and Communication, with a master in Business plan and a second degree in Graphic Design, after 6 years working in the events business, she decided to invest on herself and opened Chechic! back to 2012 starting her own carrier as an Event and Destination Wedding planner.

Tuscany was the first area she works in, but year after year, her desire of growing the business, brought her to discover new incredible italian’s regions where to plan breathtaking weddings.

After 10 years that one person agency turned into a professional destination wedding company, composed by 8 talented women, who helps foreigner’s couples to create distinctive and 100% personalized weddings.

Personally in love with elegance combined with innovation, she believes that every wedding needs to perfectly fit the couple as the best tailor made dress (made in Italy, of course!): all the details that make every wedding unique are personally chosen by her and the team, carefully listening to the couple’s needs.

We are guided by 3 principles:




Meet the team

Giulia Lodi Rizzini

Wedding Planner

Fluent in English

Dinamo of energy

The biggest smile at Chechic!

Excel files addicted

5 years of experience

Endless lover of the world and of travel in all its nuances.

Organization is in her DNA, everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail and studied to perfection.

Graduated in Public Relations and Business Communication in 2015, she immediately approached the world of weddings, working for several years in a prestigious location on Lake Como until she met CheChic!Weddings in 2019 and dedicated herself completely to wedding planning.

Thanks to CheChic!Weddings she discovered her passion for weddings growing, looking at her ideas and styles taking shape

Francesca Scaroni

Wedding Planner

Fluent in English and French

Calm and rational

The nicest person you’ll ever meet

Accurate and well organized

3 years of experience

Coming from scientific studies, she approaches the world of wedding planning and design step by step, thanks to her intrinsic precision and the family knowledge of a magical world, the world of textiles.

Punctuality, method and dedication are the characteristics that best distinguish her and let her being the perfect fit for couples looking for a calm, confident and rational guide.

A pinch of sweetness is added … French heritage 😉

Elisa Zammarchi

Art Director

Wedding Stylist

Always looking for new trends

3d Renderer

Adobe Suite Master

5 years of experience

Graduated in Theatrical Scenography, Elisa specialized in design and creation of photorealistic sketches and 3D renders.

She worked for theater’s shows and in graphics, designing big installations for events.

But it was in 2020, when she got married, that the passion for the wedding design rise in her. The following year she starts working with CheChic!

Thanks to her passion for arts and entertainment, Elisa never holds the imagination back and is always ready to push her limits to figure new incredible styling.