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Intimate wedding Umbria

Step into the floral wonderland of your 20-guest intimate wedding at Borgo Bastia Creti in Umbria. Transition to the romantic garden ceremony where a secolar olive tree becomes a canvas for white silk fabric and delicate white flowers cascading down. The total black dress code creates a striking contrast against the lush greenery and white, setting the scene for an elegantly dramatic celebration. Envision the enchanting dinner setting where design and flowers intertwine to create a visual masterpiece. A long table, adorned with pristine white linen, sets the stage for a luxurious experience. Gold accents and glass candelabras add a touch of opulence, while billowing white fabric creates ethereal curtains around the table. Picture crystal chandeliers suspended from above, casting a soft glow on the meticulously arranged light green and white centerpieces that grace the table. These floral arrangements, a harmonious blend of lush greenery and delicate white blooms, serve as a captivating focal point, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers, and the overall design seamlessly incorporates the purity of white with the subtle touch of light green. This carefully curated visual feast complements the sumptuous dinner, creating an ambiance where every detail, from the table decor to the floral elements, contributes to an unforgettable and elegant celebration of love.

As the evening unfolds, imagine a long table draped in pristine white linen, highlighted by the opulence of gold accents and glass candelabras. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of white flowers, while crystal chandeliers illuminate the setting, casting a soft glow on the light green and white centerpieces that adorn the table. Every detail, from the floral arrangements to the gold touches, creates a symphony of colors, blending the purity of white with the richness of green and gold. This intimate wedding promises a feast for the senses, where flowers and colors intertwine to paint a picture of romance and sophistication that will be etched in memory.
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From the couple:

“There is no way I can put into words how absolutely obsessed I am with the CheChic team. We got married in the Umbrian countryside in September 2023 and it was honestly something out of a magazine.

Coming from Texas, prior to finding CheChic, we thought an Italian wedding was nothing more than a dream and saw the language barrier, time difference, and the classic relaxed Italian culture to be prohibitive to planning a wedding there. But, one fateful evening, I couldn’t help but just look to see if there was a way to make that vision possible. We met with Alessandra the following week via zoom just to see if this was a challenge we were willing to take on, and after talking through both our vision and our apprehensions, we decided to take the leap and commit to an Italian wedding with CheChic.

Oh my goodness… every single moment from then through the wedding was an absolute dream. We had Francesca as our primary wedding planner and she is hands down one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She moved mountains to make our dream wedding possible. She responded immediately to every email, message, and Zoom request we had. She would meet with us at wild times of the night or morning and on the weekends to accommodate our schedules and time difference. She listened to every single detail we wanted and did not forget a single one–no matter how many months passed since we mentioned it. She found us the most amazing vendors for every single component and every recommendation she had was spot on. She made us extra spreadsheets to help manage budgets and timelines. And during the times we were caught up in life and work, she made sure to gently keep us on track, made sure nothing slipped through the cracks, and accommodated us and our schedules so seamlessly. So many people say planning weddings is stressful, but Francesca mitigated every bit of that for us, making every bit fun, enjoyable, and effortless on our end.

For our wedding day, we had a fairly specific vision which she took and expounded upon in jaw-dropping ways, creating an entire experience that was simply magical at every moment.
And in contrast, for the rehearsal dinner, we simply provided her with just a superficial concept that we had in mind, and from that minimal bit of information, she curated the most unique, vibrant, and somehow incredibly personal evening.

During the day of the rehearsal and the wedding the following day, Francesca and her assistant Rebecca were such angels. As sweet and adorable as they were through messaging and Zoom, they were even better in person! They brought such a beautiful, calming, and compassionate energy to our special day(s). They took care of every little detail, were available at literally any time, and were so receptive to not just myself and my now-husband, but also our families and guests.

The experience with CheChic through the entire planning process was so effortless and wonderful. Every member of the team we worked with was unbelievably kind, professional, and talented. And overall, the end product left us speechless.

We found out this week that our wedding will be featured on the front page of a magazine, and it is entirely because of the talent and dedication of the CheChic team. They created something that truly deserves to be highlighted.

Francesca, Alessandra, Rebecca, Gulia, and everyone else we had the pleasure of working with, thank you so much for all that you have done. You are so amazing and we have loved having you as the most integral part of our wedding.”