This time we let the bride speak for us.
I have no words to describe this incredible experience. I only wanted the pictures to have the light and colours of this wonderful island. Mykonos is stunning!


This was the best decision of our whole life!
This is what we had said the day after our wedding and we have repeated after seeing the pictures.
For us, Greece is a place of freedom and carefree. We fell in love with this country many years ago and we can’t do without their life style, the atmosphere and the easy food but so tasty.
We wanted to relive the rush to our guests in the most important day of our life. And it did.
A minimal setting up, but perfect to emphasize what characterises Greece: the leaves of the olive tree, the color of the sea and lots and lots of white.
The same story for the pictures. To be able to stress what strikes of this beautiful land: the incredible blue blue sky, the bright colors of some details of the houses that arise from that white. A white that overwhelms and fascinates. A total white, that takes your breath away and it is never obvious.
And finally we, dressed in white and blue, with cerulean eyes, were just a little details in the middle of this beautiful landscape.”

Thanks to:

Ph: Rossella Putino

Wedding Planning: Chechic!Weddings

Flowers: 7 Studio Mykonos