We’ve always been into Pop Art, and the mix of colors and shapes. And what’s more fun than the freedom and party vibes from the ’80s? Neither of these cultural influences ever truly died, they just keep reinvented themselves in so many different, funky-fresh ways! That is how today’s inspiration was born. Mixing and matching elements from our favorite decades, and offering plenty of colorful wedding ideas.


Inspired by the energy and the craziness of the ’80s, the key word for this styling is COLOR! From the joyous smiles to the after-party dresses + awesome colorful décor – it’s full of life and vibrancy. It’s just what we needed in this difficult time!

If you’re looking for colorful wedding ideas…we’re pleased to tell you that your search stops here. Irresistible sparkle ahead, with brilliant pops of lilac, orange, hot pink + shimmering goodies. Photos from Rossella Putino Photography will get you ready to disco!

More colorful wedding ideas ahead, but first we need to address the hand-painted leopard print anthurium! Oh-so ’80s and whimsical!Our Flower designer plays it very brave with color, and truly puts the fire behind this Pop Art wedding inspo.

Glitter in every corner? It’s essentially our ideal ceremony setting.

And what about the reception? Serpentine reception tables are big for 2021, and this one is a perfect example of why. Playful dinner plates, bright flowers and colorful settings make for an innovative tablescape. Take a look at the QRCODE for the menu! So savvy + fun.

We really wanted to create something vibrant, fun but also super gorgeous, with contrasting styles mixed so good together. For example the sparkle curtains combine bright colorful pouf with romantic roses, in the most beautiful way.

During the day, we literally couldn’t stop dancing and singing along to the music while we were shooting, needless to say, the day was as much fun for our vendors as it was beautiful!!

Thanks to:

Ph: Rossella Putino

Wedding Planning & Styling: Chechic!Weddings

Video: Studio Putino

Flowers:Elena Fiori

Dresses:Maura Brandino

Graphics:Bee In Love

Rentals: Integrarent

Venue & Plates: Livellara Srl 

Muah: Silvia Faverzani

Hair: Ivan Tagliani

Lights & Music: Deejay Choice

Sweet Table: Le Torte di Giada

Jewelry: Machia Creazioni